Backpackers Journal contains a powerful network of blogs created by travelers and read by everyone.   Members have the freedom to create their own blog or contribute to one of the group blogs.   The Front Page feeds from this network to create a trove of current information from around the world.  Click on one of the links or icons below to find out more.

wpiGroup Blogs

Four blogs (one private)  focused on different topics, including;  The journey that is Travel, Secret Places, world’s best Photos, and the debauchery of travel, Naked (Backpackers Journal Members Only).  Members can choose to add relevant information to the blogs whenever they are inspired.  You can access these blogs in the Blogs drop down menu or by clicking on the links above or the icon.

EaseIndividual Blogs

Each member has the freedom to create their own blog.  With the power of WordPress providing the platform, the creative potential is unbound.  Tie this creativity into a network with global geo tagging capabilities and you create an online global information revolution.  Click the links below to find out more.

Start A BlogFor Members

If you are a member and want to join the global network by starting your own blog,  Click Here, or navigate to “Your Blogs” at anytime to learn more.


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